Manbites Dog theater company
po box 402; 703 Foster St.; Durham, North Carolina 27702 USA  tel. 919.682.3343

Running May 5 - June 17, 2001:
"Last Train to Nibroc"
by Arlene Hutton   directed by Jeff Storer
Presented by Footprint on the Sun and the Powerhouse Theatre Company in conjunction with
Manbites Dog Theatre

Fridays and Saturdays, 8PM, Sundays, 6PM at the:

     Tamarind Theater
     5919 Franklin Avenue
     (Between Bronson and Tamarind on Franklin)
     Los Angeles, California

For reservations, call 310-358-5956

Running May 10-13 and May 17-20 2001:
"A New Fine Shame"
The Life and Loves of Lou Andreas Salmoe
Music and Lyrics by: Sam perado in collaboration with Ellen Hemphill and Nor Hall
 Co-directed by Helen Hemphill and Terry Beck.
"I can neither live according to models, nor shall I ever be a model for anyone at all; on the contrary, what I shall quite certainly do is make my own life according to myself, whatever may come of it" - Lou Andreas Salmoe

At the Manbites Dog Theater in Durham, NC
Located at 703 Foster Street, Durham, NC
For reservations: 919-682-3343

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