click here for an archive of half hour (or more) transcribed recordings of "Don's On!" broadcast in late 2009

the Don Wardell show, as broadcast on KWXY FM

KWXY-AM 1340 and FM 98.5 were "beautiful music" stations serving Palm Springs, California from 1964 thru 2014.

KWXY FM ceased broadcasting on 98.5 MHzFM on Feb. 2 2010.
A similar format called "Mod FM" is now on 98.5 KDES HD 2 with an HD radio, or translator K297BO on 107.3 in the Coachella Valley
KWXY AM 1340 is now a talk format

mp3 recording of KWXY FM Sign Off on Feb. 2, 2010 (4:13)

wikipedia entry about KWXY is a fan site, a hobby project not affiliated with KWXY AM or KWXY FM